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Coach Feedback : Nadia Benzine — AFS U18 (Algeria)

Picture by AFS
Picture by AFS

Who are you? Can you introduce us to your club and team?

Hello, my name is Nadia Benzine, I am an Algerian coach for youth categories. I graduated from the Institute of Sports Training INFS/ITS Ain Benian Algeria. I am a principal coach, sports advisor, and recently obtained the IHF C license certificate. I have been the national coach for under 18 girls since 2016 to 2022.

This year, I am participating in the development and training of women’s handball at the Fennec club, specifically in the under 18 category. The objective is to strengthen the under 20 group and create the senior category in the future.

The club is CSA/ACADEMIE FENNEC SPORT (AFS) created on 07/07/2022. It consists of three sports sections: football with 50 athletes (U10, U11, U13), petanque with 10 athletes, and handball with 28 athletes (U18, U20).

The handball section has two coaches: Mr. Mustapha Taamallah for U20, a former international handball player with a 2nd degree diploma, and Mr. Adel Omari for U18, a master’s degree holder in science and techniques of physical and sports education STAPS. The U18 category is currently ranked first in their championship with 9 players born in 2005 and 5 in 2006.

How would you describe Algerian handball?

Algeria was once a reference point for handball in the African continent, especially for men. The experience and know-how of the Algerian school and its staff are recognized in the world of handball, especially thanks to the concept of offensive defense which was surely one of the major advances in our discipline. Unfortunately, our national teams are struggling and not confirming at the global level. The level of play of our athletes is constantly regressing to the point that today, Algeria, once an African and Arab power in the world of handball, has become a last-zone nation in Africa. Our championship is very weak compared to our neighbors.

What are the statistics that you use the most during a match and why?

During the match, we do not have much time and we must give the minimum information so that the players can quickly assimilate it. I start by giving general information about the score, ball losses, and technical faults. I focus on the goals scored by the opponent, their ball loss situations, and direct our goalkeepers towards the favored side of some opposing players.

What statistics do you use the most after the match and why?

After the match, I start by mentioning the performance of the players and our goalkeepers, the highlights of the match (emphasizing the time frame), the decisive moments of the match, the team’s slump or decrease in performance (when and why), if we took advantage of our timeouts, and reviewing the performance of our opponent.

Then I go back individually to each player’s activity and efficiency percentage. I even send them the statistics privately.

Picture by AFS
Picture by AFS


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