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Abdulhadi Ateeq  - Jordanian national team

Today we had the chance of talking with Abdulhadi Ateeq, technical analyst with the Jordanian national team. He shared with us how he uses Steazzi !

Who are you ?

Abdul Hadi Ateeq from Jordan is a handball coach and technical analyst. I discover handball at school in physical education class. I was first a handball player in school, then I played in the Jordanian league. It was good to be a player, but I made the decision to focus on training and analysis early on. I went to travel to Germany to learn from the German Handball School and obtained a C license from the German Handball Federation. I participated in a German handball camp in Egypt and it was a unique experience. Currently, I work as a technical analyst with the Jordanian national team for all categories. I focus on doing the best possible analysis of the matches, to know the competitors and see the smallest details in the matches.

How would you describe Jordanian handball ?

Handball in Jordana is rising and promising progress and prosperity.

We are working on developing performance.

What are the statistics that you use the most during a game, and why ?

During the match, we pay attention to shooting positions, where to score, and how to confront the goalkeepers.

I share these statistics with the technical and administrative staff because they determine for us the importance of shooting positions, strengths and weaknesses.

It helps us improve our shooting positions, reduce fouls and goals scored against us. Do video lectures. During the match, Steazzi provides me with quick and easy data and helps me view stats easily. I view stats on my iPad using the Steazzi app live during the match. I share statistics several times during a match: the moment I call a timeout or when I find a bug or solution to a specific thing.

What statistics do you use the most after the game, and why?

After the game, we conduct a comprehensive study and look at all statistics with video analysis, to analyse our strengths and weaknesses.

This helps us to improve our performance, helps with the development of plans and gives us an opportunity to study our opponents.

During the match, Steazzi provided me with quick and easy data that helps us show statistics. This is a major step. Then, after the match is finished, we do a video meeting and merge the statistics with the video.

I share it with the coach, the players and the goalkeepers.

This is crucial to clarify the defects occurring or to alert players.

Thank you Abdulhadi !

You can follow Abdulhadi on his Instagram page here : @handball.a8

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