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Coach Feedback : David Degouy — Montpellier Handball (France)

We had the pleasure of meeting David Degouy, assistant coach of Montpellier Handball (MHB) before their European match against the Swiss club Schaffhausen. David is one of the first Steazzi users and has more than 140 matches under his belt on the application. We co-create the solution with our users. Some of Steazzi’s features are the result of exchanges with David, such as the timeline in the app. We took the opportunity to ask him few questions:

Steazzi team and David Degouy
(Credit : Montpellier Handball)

Hello David, who are you?

I am a 43 years old man, assistant coach of the MHB, responsible of the MHB Academy, grandson, son of sportsmen and father of sportsmen.

How did you take your statistics before using Steazzi?

Before, I used to take my statistics with a pen and paper on a grid that was prepared specifically for the match with players’ names, a timeline and different codes depending on the events.

What does Steazzi allow you to do?

Steazzi allows us, during the live match, to have instant statistics, to guide our coaching with objective data. The percentages, histograms and precise elements guide us on some of our choices in an efficient way and help us get out of the emotional aspect that the game can bring sometimes. Secondly, it allows us to have a very quick detailed report after synchronisation. Our two key uses are during the live game and the first post-game report analysis.

According to you, what are the most useful features during the game and after the game?

The most useful feature during the game is the game timeline with the distribution of goals and saves according to time and then all the success percentages. We know in real time the success percentages of the goalkeepers, the shooters and the distribution of goals over time. This allows us to identify our strengths and weaknesses. We can do this in as little as four clicks, which allows us to be efficient and operate quickly while managing defenses, attacks, and defensive retreats. We can do this while managing a match that can be both very dynamic with actions that follow one another in a more intense way.

Directly after the match, we use the game time. The analysis of the game time allows us to project ourselves in our planning of the recoveries of the games and the training sessions to come. We also like to look at the results in fifteen or ten minute increments to see where the highlights were. Then we look at everything synthetic, statistics, shooting percentages, possession percentages, number of saves, ball losses. This allows us to have a dynamic and quick view in post-game. Dynamic in the sense that we have histograms and score evolutions and we can re-interview everything in two clicks and look at our strong and weak points quickly.

A big thank you to David for his availability and support since the first days of Steazzi. His professional vision, like other coaches around the world, allows us to refine our approach on a daily basis in order to provide quality solutions to all handball teams.


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