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The Men’s World Championship journal — WEEK 1

By Matías Viera, Data Analyst for the Uruguayan men’s handball team.

Hello, my name is Matías Viera and I am a Data Analyst for the Uruguayan men’s handball team.

Due to my profession, Bachelor of Systems, I have always been immersed in technology and out of passion, always linked to handball.

I started in this sport at the YMCA Montevideo in 1998, in 2011 I founded the women’s handball category in the Familiar Universitario team where I am the goalscoring coach and I developed different solutions for match analysis. In 2021 I joined the Uruguayan coaching staff led by Nicolás Guerra together with Alejandro Trejo.

My usual tasks are to search for information, videos and statistics of the rivals. Then I process that information to detect playing styles and, above all, it allows me to identify the pattern of shots to instruct the goalkeepers before and during the game.

In the beginning I did these activities with paper spreadsheets, spreadsheets and other web solutions that I designed. This was good, but quite complex since I had to cross information from different places and be very careful for possible errors.

With Steazzi I have been able to save a lot of time and communicate live information to the coaches and goalkeepers in a faster and clearer way.

Cap Verde — Uruguay match

After the matches I go back to analyze what happened and I can complement the actions with the videos through Steazzi Max, as well as export the data in csv to generate a dashboard with my KPI’s. In this way we can continue to evolve our game.

The last few days we have been analyzing the performance of our players in the friendly tour we did in Catalonia to measure the playing time of each player to regulate the intensity of the work, as well as their general performance.

In the next few days we will play the Poland/Sweden World Cup 2023 and we are very excited!

We have a tough group against Cape Verde, Brazil and home team Sweden, but we have hope to put in a good performance and finish as high as possible.

See you in Goteborg!


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