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The Men’s World Championship journal — WEEK 2

By Matías Viera, Data Analyst for the Uruguayan men’s handball team.

In this World Cup we have recorded the match reports from the bench for the first time.

Many will ask why do that if usually the organizations of the competitions already do it?

The answer is simple, nobody watches with your eyes!

All records, at least for now, are made by people and as such have their concepts, biases, location problems for a clear view of the game and even ignorance or confusion of players in some cases.

That is why for the indications and decisions before and during the games we prefer to take them ourselves according to our records with Steazzi.

The reality is that in this World Cup the IHF organization has been excellent, they do a great job with the registration of data, but still, no one sees the game as yourself ;)

Handball pitch before the match

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