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The Men’s World Championship journal — WEEK 3

By Matías Viera, Data Analyst for the Uruguayan men’s handball team.

One story is over, and another one will begin…

After a very intense month, between coordination, analysis before and during the matches, comes a very important stage: the final evaluation.

For this, after watching again each of the matches and analysing them individually, we run the accumulated analysis with the application’s functionality, which allows us to see each performance, the best areas of efficiency, the number of minutes played, and the overall performance of our goalkeepers.

After the analysis will come the communication to the players for their improvement and the many technical meetings for our own improvement as well. This will take us a long time, but after testing more than 6 applications in different languages and technologies, the most practical one that saved me hours and hours of work was Steazzi.

We do this because we believe in continuous improvement. We believe that we are in a long process for the improvement of Uruguayan handball and that we all must double or even triple our efforts to reach the best.

To achieve that goal it is essential to measure ourselves (because otherwise it would be impossible to improve) to know how we are in finer places, maybe in details, that can make a difference next time and help us to win more matches.

I thank Franck and Lea for this space and I remain open to exchange with any handball analysis lover to keep growing!


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