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n°1 — Uruguay's diary at the Pan American Games

For the next few weeks, we will be showing you the women's handball tournament of the Uruguayan national team at the Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile. Here is the first part of Uruguay's diary at the Pan American Games.

Hello, who are you?

Ignacio Cabrera, Assistant Coach

Selección femenina de balonmano de Uruguay

Could you describe Uruguayan handball and specifically the women's national team participating in the Pan American Games?

Uruguayan women's handball is passionate and spirited, amateur but high-performance, with skillful front-line players, experienced pivots, proficient goalkeepers, and technical wingers. This team reflects that style of handball, but with a blend of experience and youth.

How have you prepared for these Pan American Games?

We've prepared for these Pan American Games through regular weekly training sessions even before the repechage in the Dominican Republic. This team has undergone a six-year-long process, focusing on the playing style that we believe best suits our characteristics. Having had the repechage allowed us to have international matches in preparation for this demanding tournament.

Your first match is against Cuba on October 24. How are you approaching this match?

This match is crucial for advancing to the semifinals, which is our primary objective. We have thoroughly studied this opponent, so we've had ample time and criteria to prepare for the result we came here to achieve.

Do you think these games will be a success if...?

I believe these games have the potential to be a success, especially if we win a medal, as that will help increase our recognition and popularity.

Photo courtesy of the Uruguayan women's national team.


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